Exercise Physiologist Gold Coast: Managing chronic disease

Every year millions of people suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems and obesity.  These disease are responsible for numerous deaths around the world.  It is crucial to administer medication and proper medical intervention. However, these can be managed and avoided through exercise and physical activity. An exercise physiologist has a vital role in … Continue reading "Exercise Physiologist Gold Coast: Managing chronic disease"

Mental Health Services

As mental health prevails in most countries, Australia has the same problem emerging. According to the survey done by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in 2007 states that among every five individual one person faces some kind of mental health ageing from 16 years to 85. Disorders related to anxiety are very common and … Continue reading "Mental Health Services"

Soon, a 3D printer to “print” your new teeth to replace those that are broken!

You may no longer have to wait for days and months for dental implants as soon as your dentist will be able to quickly scan your jaw and “print” your new teeth using a rapid prototyping machine known as 3D printer. Researchers in Iran have explained how medical imaging coupled with computer-aided design could be … Continue reading "Soon, a 3D printer to “print” your new teeth to replace those that are broken!"