Dental Process

What do dentists do

Dentists do more than what most people may know

  • Dentists offer diverse care, treatments and screenings
  • Dentists educate and advise patients on aftercare, prevention and health
  • Treatments and screenings range from tooth extractions to oral cancer screenings

Many know that dentists care for and treat issues with teeth. What they may not know is exactly what dentists do. They do more than treat and care for teeth, they offer care, advice and treatment for all aspects of oral care. Dentists are doctors who specialise in tooth and mouth tissue treatment, infection and disease prevention and advice on care. These doctors spend many years in school to become knowledgeable about oral care and treatment. Dentists do more than just care for and treat issues with teeth.

Dentists diagnose and treat many issues that occur with teeth as well as other tissues of the mouth. They assess damage from diseases like gingivitis and cavities and then treat them based on their assessments of the damage. Dentists administer the best care for the damage done to teeth and other oral tissues. This care can fluctuate from tooth extraction to filling cavities found in teeth. Once care has been given to patients, dentists will advise patients on continuing care after procedures along with preventative care.

Dentists offer diverse treatments and preventative care options for their patients. Each treatment is dependent on the needs of the patient as well as the expertise of the dentist. Treatments can be tooth extractions that are needed to remove tooth decay or placement of protective sealants that protect teeth from tooth decay. Dentists determine treatments from examination and assessment of the mouth and teeth. Examinations and assessments allow dentists to discover the issue or issues of the patient and then guide them to the needed treatments. Treatments provide dentists with an opportunity to educate their patients on how to properly care for their teeth and mouth.

Dentists advise patients on how to properly care for their mouth and teeth. They advise patients on diets that are beneficial for tooth and oral health and preventative care. Dentists provide their patients with knowledge about oral care that they may not have had before they visited their dentist. Dentists educate their patients on the best techniques for brushing and flossing at home while giving them ideas for food that is healthy for mouth and teeth. Dentists will also educate patients on examination and screening results to ensure better oral health and options for things like oral cancer.

Dentists do more than clean teeth

  • Dentists specialise in numerous types of dental care
  • Specialisation can range from paediatrics to orthodontics

Dentists do more than just clean and look at teeth. Dentists assess tooth and mouth health, provide treatments and screening and advise and educate patients on oral health. Dentists are a vital part of having a healthy mouth and teeth. They can help remove decayed teeth and provide preventative education. Many dentists specialise in other types of dental care like paediatrics, geriatrics, periodontal and orthodontics. Specialisation allows dentists to do so much more in terms of teeth and mouth care.