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Our innocence during our childhood days led us to unknowingly believe that sticking on lollipops on our mouth or chewing on chocolates while playing with our friends is a piece of heaven on earth. Little did we know that it’s a prelude to a dilemma we can’t even handle when toothache starts to give us a nerve-racking headache and all we do is cry or scream in pain and discomfort if you are experiencing this you should contact a Maroubra dental clinic

As we become adults, knowing that we were able to surpass the extraordinary, combined ordeal of sitting on a dental chair and carefully watching the dentist prepare the enormous anesthesia needle for tooth extraction. The practice of eating too many sweets did not somehow teach us a lesson or even a beneficial realization on the results of our very own actions.

This is basically the reason why Maroubra Dental Clinic is still around today to help the young and the young at heart maintain a healthy and strong, white teeth. There were no changes to the dentist’s advice on moderating the consumption of candies and brushing the teeth after meals. Adults may just shrug their shoulders after hearing it and children of today might allow history again to repeat itself.

Regardless of whether we followed or not the dentist’s recommendations, Maroubra Dental Clinic will just stick around and give you the following services you need:

Regular and periodic check-ups

A visit to a dentist twice a year is a very wise decision. Telling your dentist on what you have been eating or drinking for the past six months or so,  gives him the idea of the kind of treatment you are going to receive for the day. Your compassionate dentist then leans to you while you are seated comfortably in the dental chair and with his instruments,  courteously asks you to open your mouth wide for him to check for signs of tooth decay and or swollen gums. If there’s no indication that you have such problems, you will be given a glass of water to rinse or cleanse your mouth. Every visitor appointment to your dentist ends with some helpful advice and a prescription if the need arises.

Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening

There is often a misconception between these terminologies. The primary purpose of teeth cleaning is the elimination of accumulated tartar or plaque settling mostly on the surface of the teeth in order to stop, if not minimize, tooth decay and gum disease. On the other hand, teeth cleaning involves removing unwanted or unpleasant stains for cosmetic purposes. In short, teeth cleaning guarantees the constant health of your teeth and gums while teeth cleaning produces sparkling white teeth when you smile.

Professional teeth cleaning

Your expert dental hygienist at Maroubra Dental Clinic has undergone accredited training and corresponding licensure examinations prior to polishing and cleaning your teeth. In line with this effort, the Australian Dental Association strongly recommends a rigorous and expert cleaning once every six months and the need for a periodic or frequent cleaning especially for patients with existing periodontal disease.

Types of professional teeth cleaning

  • Prophylaxis – is the basic or fundamental way of tooth cleaning. The dentist uses a series of scrapers in removing tartar and plaque from the fissures of your teeth.
  • Root planing and scaling – this is implemented or administered in advanced dentistry. Similar to prophylaxis, the teeth are cleaned, but this time, more focus and extra care are given to the swollen gums where the teeth are rooted. Special dental tools are used for this purpose.

The next time you have a toothache, visit your Maroubra Dental Clinic for immediate extraction. Give them a ring now and see for yourself other quality services they have offered.


One of the most critical fields in medicine is dentistry. It focuses on taking care of the teeth as well as pain management during a toothache. In cases where the pain is severe and becomes unmanageable, the last option would be tooth extraction.

This has been the tradition of Chermside dentists and many other dental clinics all around the world. A friendly and smiling dentist shows compassion and care, more than his competence on the dental chair next to his patient.

The job may sound simple for those who are not really aware of what takes place during a visit to a dentist. To understand better about the profession and to be guided on what services are available for you, here’s a quick guide to follow:

Dental check-ups

The appointment starts with a casual and friendly conversation with your dentist. This is where the dentist asks you questions about the food you eat and the medicines you have taken from the past. Guided by your answers, the dentist will ask you to sit on the dental chair and request you to open your mouth wide. The dentist inspects each tooth for decay including the gums for disease. After the exam, he gives you professional advice and recommends something for your oral health.

Tooth cleaning and scaling

Since we eat every day, our teeth are prone to accumulate or build-up debris from food. If ignored, it will turn into plaque and would allow germs and bacteria to settle down for good; thereby, causing dental cavities and tooth decay.

Dental fissure sealants

The use of sealants prevents tooth decay, especially for children. A polished or cleaned tooth gets an application of a gel-like substance that hardens over time. It prevents germs and bacteria from entering the deep parts of the teeth, giving the protection you need.

Dental fillings

A hole is created when the tooth decays. The dentist removes the decay using special tools. When the tooth is cleaned, it is allowed to dry before applying the material for filling, leaving the tooth as good as new again.

Restoration of damaged teeth

There are three practical ways of restoring teeth, and these are:

  • Dental crowns – it is similar to placing caps over the tooth and is strengthened by bonds or oral cement. It is made of any light material depending on the needs of the patient. Though it covers only a portion of the tooth, it serves as an added protection for tooth decay.
  • Veneers – This is administered by placing or applying a smaller amount of porcelain or resin on the front of the tooth. It helps the tooth by preventing more damage to happen.
  • Tooth bonding – All forms of tooth deformities are treated with this type of restoration. A colour-filled special resin is applied to the affected tooth, giving it a more natural and pleasant appearance. This procedure cannot provide permanent tooth protection since the material wears out and causes stains.

Root canal procedure

The tooth has sensitive nerves that provide us with nutrients, oxygen, and normal oral feeling while biting or chewing. Its dental term is pulp. A damaged pulp should be removed from the tooth by drilling. Along with this process, the insides of the tooth are cleaned, dried and applied with a special filling that leads down to the inner roots of the tooth. This procedure is repeated upon several appointments to your dentist.

There are other several dental procedures that require advance knowledge like orthodontics. For more information, pay your Chermside dentist a visit or set an appointment as soon as possible.

Mental Health Services

As mental health prevails in most countries, Australia has the same problem emerging. According to the survey done by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in 2007 states that among every five individual one person faces some kind of mental health ageing from 16 years to 85. Disorders related to anxiety are very common and covers approximately 6% to 14% of the population. Some disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, depression are collectively known as ‘high prevalence’ illnesses. Other illnesses that are listed under ‘low prevalence’ are schizophrenia etc. that affect most of the adult population. About 80% of the population in Australia are spending more on mental health. Majority of people experience this from childhood and it affects their family, educational and social life. The outcome of the country as a whole is affected adversely because of this growing mental disorder. Government is facing huge loses every year. In primary care setting the access to the mental health has been increased due to the need. According to 2006, 1.3 million treatments of mental health cares have been developed. Moreover 4.95 million services are also provided by the psychologists and various other health professionals. There are also various awareness programs that are run by people in order to make them aware of the situations and to help them deal with it. Research programs are also done in order to make people aware about depression. In various other areas as well mental health is being given importance and many initiatives are also taken by the government along with strong partnerships.

These initiatives and cares have led Australia to be on the top of the list of countries which are dealing with mental health actively. Australia and the Gold Coast are considered as the world leader when it comes to mental health care.

Mental Health services provided

There are many health services that are provided by mental health care. From treatment and support to the mentally disabled people from extending discounts to the one who needs. Services are also provided according to the individual needs and the range of treatments they need in order to support the community. Other such facilities are:

  • Providing beds for the patients in acute conditions. For every patient the beds are different such as treatment beds, aged care beds for aged people, rehabilitation beds.
  • Psychiatry services for patients in an emergency.
  • A care team is always ready for the acute care of the patient which is called Acute Care Team.
  • There are also clinics provided for all various other tests that are needed for treatment.
  • Different beds are also provided for children.
  • Advisors are present in order to advice the people according to their diagnosed illness.

Access of mental health care

One can access the mental health care in many ways such as:

  • Doctors are available at various centres and they are specialists so one can easily reach them.
  • At times the patient is not able to visit the doctor hence in such cases one can call the specialist home for treatment.
  • Inpatient cares for people who need serious care are also available in psychiatric hospitals.
  • Health services are free to some consumers as well.
  • Emergency departments are also there in case of an emergency.
  • Availability of ambulance is also there in case of an emergency.

Dental Clinic

Essential Tips for Finding the Best Hervey Bay Dental Clinic

It takes services of an exemplary dental clinic to maintain exceptional dental health. The many dental clinics in Hervey Bay make choosing one a daunting task. Here are some essential tips to help point you in the right direction for the best Hervey Bay dental clinic:


Many surveys done on patients have indicated hygiene is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a dental clinic. A good clinic is spotless and highly sanitised. The dental tools and equipment used are sterilised every time before use. Hygiene is important because it reduces spreading of diseases.

Experience and Skills of the Dentist

A good dentist is experienced and skilled in performing dental operations you might require. Some dentists are specialised in providing only certain services while others offer general dental services. With daily practice, extended training and education, a dentist is able to add on the skills they can offer.

Explanation of the Procedure

Communication is key in dentistry. No patient wants to see huge needles being stuck in their mouth without knowing what is going on. A good dentist has excellent communication skills to keep the patient calm and informed of what is taking place.


The reputation of a Hervey Bay dental clinic is also important. You can easily learn about the reputation of a clinic through word of mouth or online reviews. Apart from getting to know much about a dental clinic from previous patients, make a visit to confirm if what you have heard is true to make the final judgment.

Wide Range of Services

Dental problems are varied and so should be the services dental clinics offer. Different people in a family can have different problems. Also, dental problems for adults are quite different from those of children.

The best Hervey Bay dental clinic offers a wide array of dental services to cater for the entire family and the different needs you might have. With many services offered under one roof, you will not waste time moving from one clinic to the other to get treatment.

Payment Options

Opt for a clinic offering different payment options and accepts insurance. Many clinics also allow their customers to make payments later after getting the treatments. It allows you to get treated even when you neither have enough cash with you nor have insurance.


Dentistry involves use of high tech equipment in carrying out some of the procedures. Highly advanced equipment enhance services, make procedures effective and reduce pain that patients experience. A good clinic also has complete equipment to ease all dental procedures.

Location and Hours of Operation

Choose a Hervey Bay dentist clinic close to you for easy access easy and reduced travelling costs. Also, a good clinic operates for long, possibly 24/7.

It is also important to consider how comfortable you feel with a dentist while at the clinic. Is the staff friendly? Did you feel comfortable talking with the dentist? Also, if you have kids, it is important that they like the dentist or feel comfortable at the clinic.



Soon, a 3D printer to “print” your new teeth to replace those that are broken!

You may no longer have to wait for days and months for dental implants as soon as your dentist will be able to quickly scan your jaw and “print” your new teeth using a rapid prototyping machine known as 3D printer.

Researchers in Iran have explained how medical imaging coupled with computer-aided design could be used to create a perfect fit model of dentures, whether to replace diseased or broken teeth and even the jaw.

The model can then be introduced into a 3D printer to then build an exact replica using a composite biocompatible material.

Such technology has already been used to create medical prostheses, but it is an early step for dentures using rapid prototyping.

Mechanical Engineer Hossein Kheirollahi of Imam Hossein University and colleague Farid Abbaszadeh of Azad Islamic University in Tehran, Iran, explained how current technology used to convert an MRI or scanner into a prosthetic component requires milling technology.

This sculpts the appropriate solid form from a polymer block, but has several disadvantages, the highest being that it is very difficult to carve a complex shape, such as a tooth. In contrast, rapid prototyping uses a 3D image held at a computer to control a laser that then “cures” polymer powder or liquid. Almost any solid, porous or complex form can be produced by this 3D printing technology.

The Iranian team has now demonstrated how rapid prototyping can be used to make dental objects such as implants and crowns quickly and easily, even when features such as overhangs, sharp corners and undercuts are needed.

The team points out that the most appropriate medical imaging technology, CBCT (cone beam computed tomography), which is lower than cost and exposes the patient to a lower dose of ionizing radiation is best suited to the generation of assisted conception. by computer for the creation of such dental objects ready for printing.

Crest and Oral-B Oral Challenge

To mark this important event, Crest and Oral-B offered me a challenge in oral care.

The challenge is to use their products for 4 weeks and check if it will improve my oral health. Being a dental hygienist by profession, I do not think the results before / after will be very significant because I already have a very good oral hygiene. That’s why I asked someone around me, who will be called Mr. X, to do the test for me. I will still try the products and you will also give my opinion.

Terms of the challenge
  • Have an assessment of the general oral condition (plaque, tartar, gingivitis …) by his dentist before the challenge;
  • Use the oral products provided by Crest and Oral-B 2x / day for 4 weeks.
  • Have a second oral assessment by the dentist after the challenge.
Products to use
  • Oral-B Professional Triaction Electric Toothbrush 5000 / Deep Sweep + SmartGuide;
  • Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste Therapeutic protection against plaque;
  • Oral-B Glide Dental Floss Pro-Health Clinical Protection;
  • Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Mouthwash.
Condition of Mr. X’s Oral Health Before the Challenge

On Tuesday, April 2, 2013, Mr. X had his first oral assessment at the dental center Espace dentaire Pur in Boucherville. His assessment was done by his usual dentist, Dr. Sylvain Laflamme, as well as myself (as a dental hygienist).

Results: Mr. X has a general average oral condition. That is to say, there is presence of gingivitis, abundant tartar as well as moderate bleeding.

However, it is important to consider Mr. X’s oral hygiene habits before beginning the challenge.

  • Brushing: usually 1 brushing / day, sometimes 2;
  • Type of toothbrush: usually a manual toothbrush, sometimes electric;
  • Dental floss: very rarely;
  • Mouthwash: very rarely;

Mr. X will begin the challenge tonight, Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

Good challenge Mr. X !!!

I invite you all to leave your comments if you have tried some of these products …