Exercise Physiologist Gold Coast: Managing chronic disease

Every year millions of people suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems and obesity.  These disease are responsible for numerous deaths around the world.  It is crucial to administer medication and proper medical intervention. However, these can be managed and avoided through exercise and physical activity. An exercise physiologist has a vital role in helping people live a good quality of life.

Patients who suffer from arthritis can reduce joint pain and stiffness through exercise. Cancer patients can lower the risk of disease by exercising regularly. People with dementia also benefit from exercise because it improves cognitive ability.

Depression and anxiety can be managed with regular exercise because it helps alleviate the symptoms. However, all these exercises must be done using the proper form. Unable to perform the exercises properly can lead to injury and other health problems. An exercise physiologist can help devise a plan that works for you.

Who are exercise physiologists?

It is essential to find Gold Coast’s leading exercise physiologists because they specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic diseases through exercise.

They help patients by developing personalized exercise programs considering their medical history, physical fitness and lifestyle. Several research point towards the importance of exercise to prevent and manage chronic disease.

 People who exercise have better insulin sensitivity and glucose control. They are less likely to develop diabetes. If they’re already suffering from it, exercise helps manage it better.

Exercise lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Individuals able to lose 10% of  body weight can live an improved life free of chronic diseases.

Exercises help reduce body fat and weight management. Obesity is on the rise and it’s essential to address it immediately to prevent problems in future.

Exercise leads to improved mental health by reducing stress. Research has proved individuals who exercise are able to sleep better and those who suffer from insomnia notice an improved sleeping pattern once they start to exercise.

Exercise not only helps prevent and manage diseases, it can help people recover from illness and injury. If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic conditions such as heart failure or pulmonary disease, an exercise physiologist will develop a personalized exercise program to improve cardiovascular function and  increase stamina.

When you visit an exercise physiologist they run a fitness assessment. These findings  help them develop personalized exercise programs suited for each individual. They provide education and guidance on proper exercise techniques. Patients must visit the physiologist to monitor their progress and adjust the exercise programs when required.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, people who exercise regularly could reduce their risk of tonic diseases by up to 30%.  Working with an exercise physiologist can help you achieve your goals and allow you to live a healthy and happy life.

When you team up with an exercise physiologist you can get a tailor-made fitness plan which will allow you to control your health and well being. Speak with a reliable exercise physiologist in Gold Coast today to start your fitness journey.

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