Dental Visits

How often should you visit the dentist?

Your neighbour goes to the dentist once in two years, your parents visit the dentist once a year, some of your friends may tell you to see the dentist twice a year.

How often do you really need to get your teeth checked by a dentist?

Generally, going to the dental clinic on a regular basis is beneficial. Even if you brush your teeth regularly, it is still best to have a regular dental check-up because there are many procedures that can only be done on your teeth when seeing a dentist. Allowing your teeth to be cleaned every six months can maintain your beautiful and strong teeth. Every person is different when it comes to dental care, some may require dental care often and others may require less visits. It is important to discuss this matter with your dentist.

There are also other factors to consider when deciding how frequently you should go to the dentist such as pregnancy and your health status. It is also important to choose the dentist you wish to see, someone who you are comfortable with to check your teeth.

Here are some of the benefits when you visit your dentist regularly:

  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Prevent gum disease
  • Can keep you healthy
  • Whitens your teeth
  • Can prevent bad breath

What should you expect in your visit?

In the dental clinic, your dentist will check your teeth to see if you have cavities, plaque and/or tartar build-up; X-rays might be used if necessary. You may not notice that you have a cavity and detecting it earlier will help you save your teeth from being lost. The plaque is a clear and sticky layer of bacteria and plaque can become tartar if it is not removed. Even if you brush your teeth regularly, you can’t remove plaque which is why it is important that you have your teeth cleaned, also known as oral prophylaxis. Your gums will also be checked if there are any signs of inflammation or bleeding.

The scheduling of visits for any person may change and will depend on the situation. When you are not feeling well and you think it has something to do with your teeth, for instance if you have a severe headache, you need to see the dentist more often. However, sometimes, your dentist may only advise you to come once or twice a year if he or she has not found any problems with your gums and/or teeth. Taking good care of your teeth is good practice for your personal hygiene. The teeth are important and as the saying goes “your smile is your best attire.” Finally, you will be able to smile with confidence if you have a good set of teeth.