Tips for buying a shower bathing trolley

If you are considering buying a shower bathing trolley, there are certain things which need to be kept in mind.

Buying a shower bathing trolley

It should be kept in mind that the user would spend a lot of their time in the shower trolley that is why it is important that one should keep their comfort and support in mind. Also it would become easy for the caretakers to wash them with ease. The following are a few factors which you need to consider when buying a shower bathing trolley:

Safety should be a priority

It is necessary that the user’s comfort and safety should be made a priority when looking for the shower trolley. You should be on the lookout for a trolley which has all of the following features

  • The trolley should have safety rails which can be put high enough so that the patient is supported at all times. This way they can stand or sit comfortably in it all the while they are being given a bath. If you go for a trolley with short rails it might make the patient feel nervous and put the caretaker into a difficult position.
  • The trolley should have stability. A trolley which rocks or wobbles while it is in use would cause a lot of problems for both the user as well as the person giving the bath. that’s all you should be heavy enough so that it has added stability but it would still be easy to maneuver.
  • You have the option of going for a mobile trolley versus a wall-mounted one. A wall mounted trolley is a better option because on one side there is already support and on the other side what be the caregiver. This way they can handle the whole bathing process.
  • The trolley size that you purchase would depend upon the amount of space that you have in the washroom. It should be kept in mind that the space should not be over or under estimated. In fact jotting down the right dimensions in help you buy the right size trolley.
  • You should be aware that the trolley doesn’t have to be too narrow. A narrow trolley would mean that it would be difficult to move the patient from one side to the other without having to worry about them falling off.
  • Do consider the ergonomics of the trolley when buying it. The right shower trolley should be easy to use and it should be a major consideration when you are about to get one in the market.
  • You must also consider the adjustability of the trolley. A trolley which is adjustable should be a great choice because it can be shaped and shifted according to the patients requirements. You would want to invest in a trolley which can tilt on the platform but it should also lie flat so it becomes easier to transfer the patient from the bed to the trolley and vice versa

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