The advantages of using manual breast pumps

All mothers have their own reasons for expressing milk. However one of the biggest advantage of buying a breast pump is that your baby can have your breast milk even when you are not around them.

Usually a simple manual breast pump is a best option over an automatic breast pump because you may want to express milk for just one feed a day or for occasional use only. Even for mothers who  plan on expressing them milk on a daily basis it is important to wait for at least three to six weeks before offering them a bottle.

There are some mums who might feel that they are successful with using a manual breast pump. Not all models are the same and you may have to do a bit of trial and error to find the perfect manual breast pump for yourself.

The benefits of using manual breast pump

  • One of the biggest advantages of manual breast pump is that these are simple to use and are of a convenient size. According to most mums a manual pump is natural and closely mimics a baby sucking action.
  • Also it is important that the mum is completely comfortable while she is expressing her milk. A breast pump is supposed to help you along and shouldn’t hurt you. But suction should be gentle and tugging but not uncomfortable. A manual pump allows mother to control the suction rate.
  • Initially the mother may have to squeeze the handle to create a rhythmic vacuum which would stimulate the milk flow. Once a mother gets the hang of using a breast pump it becomes quite easy for her to express her milk.
  • Another benefit of hand pumps are that these are smaller and affordable also lighter and much quieter than electrical pumps. Once a mum becomes skilled at pumping she can pump from one breast while feeding her baby from the other.
  • It also comprises of other components thus making it easier to clean and sterilize when compared to electrical pumps. An electrical pump can be quite expensive and is also quiet noisy.
  • When looking for a breast pump there are certain accessories which would help to make them easier to use. Some manual pumps comes with attached bottles so that you can express your breast makes straight into the bottle and store the extra milk in one sitting only.
  • For those who are planning on expressing a lot you may want to have a pump stand handy. A pump with a carry bag is also an added bonus because you can easily carry it from one place to another.

There is no set formula which would help mother decide what kind of manual pump is best for her. What would be helpful if they go through the five top picks for mothers. Checking out reviews and reading about the experiences of other mothers can be quite helpful.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a breast pump is to look for one which comes in the right size.

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