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Our innocence during our childhood days led us to unknowingly believe that sticking on lollipops on our mouth or chewing on chocolates while playing with our friends is a piece of heaven on earth. Little did we know that it’s a prelude to a dilemma we can’t even handle when toothache starts to give us a nerve-racking headache and all we do is cry or scream in pain and discomfort if you are experiencing this you should contact a Maroubra dental clinic

As we become adults, knowing that we were able to surpass the extraordinary, combined ordeal of sitting on a dental chair and carefully watching the dentist prepare the enormous anesthesia needle for tooth extraction. The practice of eating too many sweets did not somehow teach us a lesson or even a beneficial realization on the results of our very own actions.

This is basically the reason why Maroubra Dental Clinic is still around today to help the young and the young at heart maintain a healthy and strong, white teeth. There were no changes to the dentist’s advice on moderating the consumption of candies and brushing the teeth after meals. Adults may just shrug their shoulders after hearing it and children of today might allow history again to repeat itself.

Regardless of whether we followed or not the dentist’s recommendations, Maroubra Dental Clinic will just stick around and give you the following services you need:

Regular and periodic check-ups

A visit to a dentist twice a year is a very wise decision. Telling your dentist on what you have been eating or drinking for the past six months or so,  gives him the idea of the kind of treatment you are going to receive for the day. Your compassionate dentist then leans to you while you are seated comfortably in the dental chair and with his instruments,  courteously asks you to open your mouth wide for him to check for signs of tooth decay and or swollen gums. If there’s no indication that you have such problems, you will be given a glass of water to rinse or cleanse your mouth. Every visitor appointment to your dentist ends with some helpful advice and a prescription if the need arises.

Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening

There is often a misconception between these terminologies. The primary purpose of teeth cleaning is the elimination of accumulated tartar or plaque settling mostly on the surface of the teeth in order to stop, if not minimize, tooth decay and gum disease. On the other hand, teeth cleaning involves removing unwanted or unpleasant stains for cosmetic purposes. In short, teeth cleaning guarantees the constant health of your teeth and gums while teeth cleaning produces sparkling white teeth when you smile.

Professional teeth cleaning

Your expert dental hygienist at Maroubra Dental Clinic has undergone accredited training and corresponding licensure examinations prior to polishing and cleaning your teeth. In line with this effort, the Australian Dental Association strongly recommends a rigorous and expert cleaning once every six months and the need for a periodic or frequent cleaning especially for patients with existing periodontal disease.

Types of professional teeth cleaning

  • Prophylaxis – is the basic or fundamental way of tooth cleaning. The dentist uses a series of scrapers in removing tartar and plaque from the fissures of your teeth.
  • Root planing and scaling – this is implemented or administered in advanced dentistry. Similar to prophylaxis, the teeth are cleaned, but this time, more focus and extra care are given to the swollen gums where the teeth are rooted. Special dental tools are used for this purpose.

The next time you have a toothache, visit your Maroubra Dental Clinic for immediate extraction. Give them a ring now and see for yourself other quality services they have offered.

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