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Newsletter June 2013

Membership renewals

Thanks to those of you who’ve renewed your membership online this year.


If you’re not sure if your membership is current you can login as a member now, over there, to the right. If it’s your first time logging in you’ll need to click “Forgot Password” before you can proceed.

Once you’re logged in, if your membership is not current, you’ll receive a message that it has expired and be asked to purchase a new one. You can pay by cheque or internet banking – instructions for both will be given.

If you need any assistance or are unable to renew online please call Jo 04 473 9547 or send us an email.


Wave of protest over fluoride in water supply

An anti-fluoride movement has swept over the country, with many councils being lobbied to remove fluoride from the water supply.

The Hamilton City Council are the most recent to change their approach, having voted to remove fluoride from its water supply, despite a binding referendum in 2006 which saw most residents voting to continue fluoridation. Your association supported a submission by Sue McFarlane, Board Member and Waikato Dental Therapist who opposed the removal of fluoride in Hamilton.

Anti-fluoride campaigners argue that the risks of fluoridation outweigh the dental benefits. They say that fluoridation causes dental fluorosis, increased rates of cancer, premature birth, kidney problems, heart disease, low IQ, bone problems, thyroid damage and other health issues.

However the 2009 Ministry of Health oral health survey suggested children, adolescents and adults living in fluoridated areas had less decay than those in non-fluoridated areas. There was no significant difference in rates of dental fluorosis between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas. Investigations by the Ministry have found no new evidence that fluoridation is harmful at current levels.

Northland Conference 2013

Our Annual Conference, held in fabulous Waitangi this year, was a great success.

With speakers ranging from Matt Baker, Orthodontist, talking about new approaches to treating cleft palates; Ellen Johnson, Hospital and Community Dentist on radiography and hospital dentistry; to Sit Fit instructor Christine Fraser.

A great time was had by all with some fabulous outfits and masques appearing at the Masque Dinner.


Thanks for your feedback which is invaluable for those organising future conferences. We think this comment sums it up perfectly, "A big thank you to the Northland branch for hosting an excellent Conference. Loved the speakers, the venue, social functions and Bay of Islands. Thank you for having me and all your hard work".

We'd like to add our thanks to the Northland Branch for organising such a wonderful event.

Some speakers have allowed us to upload their presentations to our website. These presentations are only available to those members who attended the Conference. To access the presentations follow these easy steps:

1. Go to and login as a member
2. Click on “Your Events” on the righthand side
3. Click on “Event Details” for the Conference
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll find any presentations which have been uploaded

If you require any further assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Phone Jo on 04 473 9547 or email us.


Organisation for Conference 2014 to be held in June is underway, we'll keep you posted as information comes to hand .....


New CPD Log a Hit

Our new website was launched in March with a fantastic online CPD log for each member.

Starting in the next CPD cycle (1 January 2014 – 31 December 2017) the way we verify and record CPD will change in conjunction with changes being made by the Dental Council.

The best news is that we'll no longer be issuing CPD certificates (no more shoebox under the bed for you!).

Most CPD events which have been verified by the Association will be loaded onto the website and you’ll be able to register for the event online. The CPD hours from the events you register for will automatically be allocated to your personal CPD report. This report is then submitted to the Dental Council as verification of your attendance.

You can also add any other events you’ve attended. As long as you include the CPD Activity ID number for these the Dental Council won’t require any further verification from you.

There’s just one thing we do require from you …… you need to add your Dental Council registration number to your online information. That’s the number which starts with either DT for a Dental Therapist or DH for a Dental Hygienist. Use both if you’ve got a dual degree.

If you need any assistance please get in touch with us. Call Jo on 04 473 9547 or email us.

Colgate Oral Health Education Network

Continuing Professional Development is important to all practitioners and the Colgate Oral Health Network is a great place to visit to get your CPD underway.

There are four online recorded courses which have been verified by the Association. Courses are typically 1 hour long and can be played at any time convenient to you. 

You can access the Colgate Oral Health Education Network through our Resources page.

The first time you enter the Colgate website you will need to register. Once you are in the site you will see online courses and articles.


On completion of a course, a certificate is emailed to you from the Colgate. Email the certificate to Jo Christini at Colgate:, who will then send you the number for the verifiable CPD and you can add the CPD hours to your online log.


New Constitution

A few important changes have been made to the organisation’s rules, with the purpose of creating a solid, long-lasting constitution that won’t need to be amended often. Changes to a number of clauses have increased the Executive’s flexibility in order to enable growth and development, and to improve the practicality of the membership system.


Some key changes include:

  • a reduction in the number of Executive members
  • the opportunity for members to vote for their preferred representative
  • the ability to establish branches based on technical areas as well as geographic locations
  • the streamlining of many administrative provisions

You can find a full review of the changes in the 2013 Annual Report.

Congratulations to the new Board, Gillian Tahi (Chair), Sue McFarlane, Trish Delamore, Lynette Nicholas, Kate Hall, Rachel Bridgeman and Priscilla Kumar.



The new website includes a Classifieds section with situations vacant, rooms for rent and items for sale. Advertising is currently free for members and non-members alike.


If you're a member and you'd like to place an ad you just need to login, click on "My Details" on the right then "Classifieds" on the left.


Or view current classified listings here.