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Newsletter August 2013

Message from Gillian Tahi, Chairperson


We are the One!

Our vision: To empower dental and oral health therapists to provide customer-focused quality care which will result in good oral health for all.


Our new Board met in Dunedin recently where we had a fantastic get together with some of our Otago membership including a number of BOH students – it was great to see you all and thank you for joining us and providing such positive feedback.


At the Board meeting we made some key decisions for the future and confirmed our strategic goals – these being:

  1. Develop an employment toolkit for students who are about to graduate
  2. Build our relationships with all dental and oral health Associations
  3. Become proactive in support of the fluoride debate
  4. Work toward obtaining post-graduate Adult Scope for Dental Therapists
  5. Design and develop a leadership/mentoring accreditation programme.

An issue raised by the BOH students was regarding membership and CPD. It seems there is confusion about which organisations Therapists and Hygienists need to belong to. Let me explain, the Dental & Oral Health Therapist Association provides CPD and services which are relevant to both Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene scopes - We are the One! There's no necessity for oral health therapists to belong to two organisations and remember, if you're working for a DHB there's a requirement for them to pay one Oral Health Association membership fee. That means they'll reimburse you for your fee if you provide them with a receipt.


The next year is looking busy and exciting both for our membership and the profession as a whole and we'd like to thank you for your continuing support.


Gillian Tahi - Chairperson


Talking About Fluoride

You’ll be aware of the current nationwide fluoride debate. Hamilton, Hastings and Whakatane are going to a referendum at local body elections in October. In conjunction with Te Ao Marama (the Maori Dental Association) we’re galvanising our members to get out for a Community Action Weekend to be held in each location.


Make it a family outing, girl's weekend or just go it alone and meet your colleagues there. Volunteers will visit supermarkets and shopping centers to hand out information on the benefits of Fluoride.

7 September, Saturday – Whakatane
14 September, Saturday – Hastings
21 September, Saturday - Hamilton

Further information is available here and you can follow @TeAo_Marama on Twitter.


Conference 2014 – Save the Date

We’re pleased to announce our 2014 Conference – Dental Matters – will be held at Waipuna Conference Centre in Mt Wellington, Auckland on 27 & 28 June 2014. Registrations will be going live in November.


We Are The One! and this conference will be relevant to both dental therapists and hygienists. Watch this space and check our Upcoming Events page for more information as it comes to hand.


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Finding your way around our Website

There’s a lot of information contained on our website which can make it difficult to find what you might be looking for. If you scroll right to the black area at the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a list under each page heading of what’s contained there.


If there’s something you’d like to see added drop us an email or give us a call - +64 4 473 9547.


Remember our web address –


Online Events

Check out our Upcoming Events page for CPD opportunities.


Some of the events we advertise on our Upcoming Events page are run by other providers, if that’s the case, you will be directed to another site or email address so you can register to attend them.


You can enrol for events run by us online. These events will automatically allocate any CPD hours to your personal CPD log. You can view your records once you have logged on to the website. If you have any problems logging in, email us or phone +64 4 473 9547 during business hours.


If you’re aware of an event coming up please email us the details so we can add it to our calendar.


Some event reminders - 


Wellington Biofilms - presentation by Colleen Coulter of GC Corporation. For more information click here.


Auckland Myofunctional Orthodontics Evening at Laser Kids Dentalclick here.


Situations Vacant

Our Classifieds Section (under the Resources tab) has job vacancies from around the country.


If you're interested in employing an oral health therapist please let us know by email or call us +64 4 473 9547.


Wish for a Smile Trust

The Wish for a Smile Trust, launched in August 2102, is a public health initiative developed by the NZ Association of Orthodontists (NZAO). The Trust delivers specialist orthodontic services to young New Zealanders in need.


To date the Trust has received over 90 applications, more than half of which have been assessed as being suitable. The committee have two assessment dates during the year with the next cut-off at the end of August.


Initial assessments can be made by a Dental Therapist or Dentist using A Clinical Assessment Form which can be downloaded from the Orthodontic Association website.


Further information is available on the NZ Association of Orthodontists website or you can contact the administrator by email.


Dental Council – Annual Report

A copy of the Dental Council’s 2013 Annual Report is available here.